A Condenser is a piece of laboratory glassware typically used to condense substances (change the state of a substance from gaseous to liquid). There are many types of condensers, but they are most often manufactured from glassware and designed to pass to a flow of vapour over a neighbouring cooled chamber.

A simple form of a condenser is the Liebig-type which comprises of concentric glass tubes. The inner tube allows hot gasses to pass through while an outer chamber contains a cooling fluid which reduces the temperature of the gas in the inner tube.

Coil Condensers

A coil condenser has a spiral coil that runs the full length of the condenser through which coolant flows. The coil is then encompassed Coil Condensers by the vapour path.

Other Types Of Condensers

West Condensers – A variant of the Liebig condenser but with a slimmer design.
Allihn Condenser – Also known as a bulb condenser or a reflux condenser.
Davies Condenser – Often referred to as the double surface condenser is again similar in design to the Liebig condenser.
Spiral Condenser – Has a spiral condensing tube with both inlet and outlet connections on the same side. Also known as a Dimroth condenser.
Friedrichs Condenser – A wide cylinder houses a spiralled capillary tube.

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