Vacuum Manifolds

Schlenk Lines using gas and vacuum manifolds are a commonly used apparatus in chemistry experimentation. At Scientific Glass Services, we produce custom made gas and vacuum manifolds to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

We work with businesses around the world and across a wide range of industries. All our manufacturing is completed in the UK by our team of expert glass blowers.

The Schlenk Line

The Schlenk Line was developed by German chemist Wilhelm Schlenk in the early 1900s. The complete apparatus set up is known as the Schlenk Line which includes a vacuum manifold and a gas manifold.

Wilhelm Schlenk developed this double manifold apparatus for the manipulation and experimentation of air-sensitive compounds. The gas manifold has gas pumped in one end via a line connected to a source of purified or dry inert gas such as argon or nitrogen. The other end of the gas manifold is attached to a line connected to an oil bubbler allowing the gas pressure to be monitored.

Working alongside the gas manifold is a vacuum manifold connected to a vacuum pump. Along the same connection line as the pump, a liquid nitrogen trap is attached to condense solvent vapours and protect the vacuum pump. The set up of the gas and vacuum manifold ensures that there is no exposure to water vapour or oxygen.

Double oblique taps connect the two manifolds. These specially developed taps allow the chemist to select gas samples from the vacuum or the inert gas. With multiple lines, different samples can be taken at the same time. The vacuum manifold can be used to extract the last traces of solvent from a sample, and results can be monitored over time.

Vacuum Manifolds from Scientific Glass Services

The Schlenk Line double manifold system was developed to have multiple ports and lines. This enables numerous experiments to be performed simultaneously. At Scientific Glass Services we can produce the glassware for bespoke gas and vacuum manifolds with a specific number of ports.

If you have an existing gas and vacuum manifold that is damaged or broken our experienced glass blowers can repair these, so they work like new again.

Specialist Glass Schlenk Line Equipment

The set up of Schlenk lines can require specialist glass equipment. We can work with you to develop specific types of glass taps or glass funnels. If you require a selection of collection vessels, we can produce bespoke flasks and glass tubing.

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As all of the laboratory glassware products we produce are bespoke the first step of the process is to discuss your requirements with our expert glass blowers. Even if you’re not 100% sure what you need our team can provide advice regards what solution will best fit your needs.

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