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Our scientific glass blowing experts are specialists at creating bespoke items of scientific glass. We work with companies around the world, creating unique items that can’t be found anywhere else. To discuss your requirements with our scientific glass blowers please complete our contact form or call us on 01509 852839


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Scientific Glass Services is a company of master glassblowers. Founded in 1978, we have a wealth of experience developing custom-made scientific glassware, working closely with research laboratories, hospitals and universities. We make bespoke laboratory glassware to your requirements or repair valuable broken apparatus, each piece being hand blown from quality borosilicate glass. Our scientific glass blowing experience is dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every customer.

Scientific Glass Services (SGS) is dedicated to the glassblowing manufacture of scientific glass to specific customer requirements. All our custom-made apparatus can be produced as one-off specials or in larger volumes as required. We have the machinery to shape, cut and grind borosilicate glass and all work is carried out in the UK in our workshops near Loughborough.

We have over 40 years of experience and expertise in making complex items such as high vacuum manifolds. SGS serves customers in a wide range of industries, producing items that simply cannot be found or created elsewhere.

Our Customers Include

• University Laboratories
• Pharmaceutical Laboratories
• Laboratory specialist supply companies
• Government establishments
• Chemical manufacturers
• Utility company testing laboratories
• Research laboratories

What is Scientific Glass Blowing

Scientific Glassware is widely used in all manner of applications due to the unique qualities it possesses. Glass is the perfect scientific apparatus thanks to its durability, heat resistance, chemical resistance, ability to be easily sterilised and perhaps most simply and importantly due to its transparency.

In laboratories across the world, you’ll find a wide range of glass apparatus from the very simple, items such as laboratory flasks, to the more complex, for example, a Vacuum Manifold.

Scientific Glassblowing originated in the UK between 1900 – 1920. The industry was centred around Stoke on Trent in the Midlands and Sunderland in the North East. Scientific Glass blowing, as we know it today, began with the development of Borosilicate Glass in the late 19th century by Otto Schott, a German glassmaker. Borosilicate Glass uses silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming elements. It is much more resistant to thermal shock than all other common glass types making it ideal for use as laboratory equipment.

Scientific Glass Blowers use similar techniques to glass bead and paperweight producers. Typically, the glass starts as a rod or tube, and an open flame is used to heat the glass, making manipulation possible. The work is often carried out by hand, although some machines are also used for producing certain items or parts.

Despite the need for high-quality scientific glassware in a wide range of fields and applications the skills needed to create these items are slowly being lost. Scientific Glassblowing is now listed as ‘Endangered’ by The Radcliffe Trust who estimates there are only 100-200 professionals left in this in the UK.

Scientific Glass Services has been creating scientific glass products since the company was founded in 1978. Today, we are one of only a handful of UK based specialists left who have retained these vital skills.

Scientific Glass Blowers learn their craft over many years, learning and perfecting complicated techniques. Our team are highly skilled and can not only create complex pieces of laboratory glassware; they can also provide guidance and advice on pieces of equipment you are looking to create.

For more information about our scientific glass blowing business or the products we can produce, please get in touch.



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